Who is Léa ?

By Léa B

A few years earlier ...


I was born in the Reunion island during a cyclone. Those who know me can’t imagine it’s the result of chance …

Anyway, a year later we arrived in Bordeaux.In my grandmother’s arms I was already full of life and I loved to make people laugh. Making others happy was already one of my main concerns.


Then I grew up …

I went so far as to obtain a Master’s degree after which I went in search of adventure to the four corners of the planet. Employed in a luxury holiday club, I became an event manager. I had to manage the show part and also I had to create all the day and evening events with my manager.



I bowed out some time ago to return to live in the South West of France, rich in new languages, cultures and customs. Today, I have the chance to speak several languages and have been able to travel to various countries. And as they say, travel broadens the mind.

I had in my head this desire to keep making people happy. Creating an event agency was a no-brainer thanks to these beautiful years of experience.



Today, it’s a pleasure to organize the sweetest moments of your life. To think everything upstream while respecting your desires, and then to be the conductor behind the scenes adjusting the smallest details.

I like to be moved by discovering you in your groom’s outfits, or during ceremonies during the exchange of vows.

For authentic events, the “By Léa B.” is for you !

wedding designer certifiée