D-Day Coordination

or how to really enjoy your wedding !

The bride getting dressed

What is a D-Day Coordination ?

You have organized your wedding from A to Z, you have found all the providers, manage all the steps, thoughts the decoration but you was to enjoy your D-Day in peace ? This formula is for you !

I would take over the organization of your wedding to manage the timing, the st-up, your guests as well as the providers and any unforeseen events.

I’ll be there from the set-up to the storage so you just have to think about yourself. You ca, enjoy my presence throughout the day until the opening of the ball

This formula includes :

  • A first date to get to know each other and exchange around your wedding plan.
  • Provider management.
  • Connecting with your loved ones for the course of the day.
  • My presence throughout the day until the opening of the ball.
  • Setting up and tidying up the decoration.

Photo Credit : Sarah Miramon

wedding designer certifiée