Organization from A to Z

or the perfect formula to live your wedding serenely !

What is a Complete Organization ?

If you opt for the organization from A to Z of your wedding, you will live this day more serenely. I will take care of every detail, every step and every search. From conception to realization, we will tackle together every essential steps of your marriage.

This includes a unique set design custom-made by your certificate Wedding Designer.

Opt for this complete formula it is also the assurance of having your Wedding Planner available for you by email, phone, text and even in live if you wish and as many times as necessary.

Set Up by your wedding designer

This complete formula includes :

  • A first date to get to know each other ! You will tell me about your story, your meeting, your wedding plan … We sill discuss together the “indispensables” for you. I’ll tell you about how I work and how we’re going to create your marriage together?
  • Managing and monitoring the budget
  • Search for all providers needed for your wedding day.
  • Follow-up (administrative, organisation) of all providers.
  • Creating the set design (including setting up and storage).
  • Managing the timing, your guests and any unforeseen events on D-Day!
  • My presence throughout the organization and then from D-Day until the opening of Bal.

Photo Credit : Sarah Miramon

wedding designer certifiée