Set Designs By Léa

Definition : The set design is the layout of the stage. This term from the arts and performs refers to art, study and how to organize, to set up a stage set (here your wedding).

Source : Internet.

Wedding Designer

For a unique wedding, I propose the creation of a bespoke set design. My inspiration ? You, of course. We will exchange ideas (colors, atmospheres …) on our first date. Then, I will be able to offer you a Moodboard (board of inspirations and ideas). This will take up : a color palette, furniture, flowers, textures and materials that will be used in the decoration.

One you’ve validated the Moodboard, your work will be done ! Then, I will be able to tackle the search for the necessary providers (furniture rentals, florist, stationery…), manage the administrative follow-up and orchestrate the creation and implementation of the set design.

Calling a Wedding Designer is the assurance of having a unique atmosphere on D-Day and impressing your guests !

green and blue wedding inspiration

Intimate wedding in winter.

Wedding "Blush & Gold" in a castle near Bordeaux.

Plan de Table
Numéro de Table
Mariage rouge & blanc
Bienvenue à notre mariage
Cérémonie laïque
Mobilier de Mariage

Wedding in a villa in Arcachon.

Mariage à Oléron
Welcome Board
Centre de Table
Table d'honneur
Mariage de Provence
Photobooth mariage

Wedding at "l'Ile d'Oléron".

Welcome Board
Wedding Design

Poetic and wild wedding.

Credit Photo : Warren Lecart
Scenographie by : Les Vintage Ologistes

wedding designer certifiée