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 – Dare “By Léa” for unforgettable moments –


Original, bespoke and authentic event sets and organization.

Lea traveled the world and was inspired by the cultures and civilizations she met. She married them with “French customs and habits” in order to create a unique know-how. More than an inspiration, it is a true signature.

“Creating an event is imagining it, erasing it, starting over, organizing it, installing it and living it”.

Together, let’s create the event that will mark your lives.


Whether you want an outdoor wedding in the “Lande” forests, in a castle near Bordeaux or with your feet in the water on the “Bassin d’Arcachon” or in the Island of Ré, the “By Léa” is for you.

Léa will imagine a unique event just for you. Everything in elegance and poetry, every detail has its importance. Each decorative element will be carefully chosen, and the day will be orchestrated by its expertise.

  • A Little :  Coaching
  • A Lot : OrganiZation
  • Passionately : D Day Coordination
  • To Insanity : OrganiZation, D Day Coordination & Scenographie.

A wedding with By Léa :



Léa will imagine a set design in your image, entirely tailor-made. Even if you opt for a theme already seen, we will never imagine two weddings the same way.

  • SET UP

Our team will take care of the whole set-up of your wedding. Every detail will be installed carefully.


We will also ensure the entire uninstall part. Wether in a castle or at your home, we will work to tidy up the premises.

dried flowers

Before being a Wedding Planner, By Léa was a craft shop for decoration and dried flower compositions.

Your Wedding Planner & Designer, By Léa, can also take care of all the floral creation part (compositions on tables, bridal bouquet, floral creations for the church or for the secular ceremony) if you have opted for dried flowers!

This creates a real red thread between the decoration and the floral part.

organization of private events


For the organization of importants moments of your lives, Bachelorette Party, birthdays, religious or secular ceremonies,

 Léa will be there for you at every stage of the creation. 

Your smile is our most precious asset.


Born in the Reunion Island, of Italian origins, cultures have always been at the center of my interest. After five years of study, I left France for three years looking for something else. I became choreographer / event manager in luxury holiday clubs …

wedding planner / designer certifiÉe

Wedding Planner certified
Certified Wedding Designer

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