Set Design

Definition : The set design is the layout of the stage. This term from the arts and performs refers to art, study and how to organize, to set up a stage set (here your wedding)

For a unique wedding and in your image, I propose the creation of a tailor-made wedding scenography.

My inspiration ? You of course!

We will discuss your ideas and your wishes (colors, atmospheres, materials, etc.) during our first meeting. I will then be able to offer you a Moodboard (board of inspirations and ideas) in your image. This will include: a color palette, furniture, flowers, textures and materials that will be used in the decoration. We will adapt the Moodboard as many times as necessary in order to offer you a wedding decoration that will delight you.

A technical tour of your reception venue will be the best way to help you visualize each decorative element. Together, we will choose the reception area, cocktail, secular ceremony, dinner and dance party.

Once you have validated the Moodboard, your work will be done! I will then be able to tackle the search for the necessary service providers (furniture rental, florist, stationery …), manage the administrative follow-up and orchestrate the creation and implementation of the scenography.

I will be present on D-Day to install everything and validate every detail. The day after your wedding, I will also be by your side to uninstall and store each decorative element.

Calling on a Wedding Designer is the guarantee of having a unique atmosphere on D-Day and of impressing your guests!

Bohemian wedding scenography

M&J - Château de la Mayou

photo : Mya Photographie

"Champêtre chic" wedding scenography

H&M - Château de Garde

Photos : Jade Sequeval

Blush Pink wedding scenography

C&A - Château de Gassie

Carterie mariage
Plan de Table Inspiration
Inspiration Table Mariage
Inspiration Mariage à la française
Inspiration art de la table mariage
Inspiration Cérémonie Laïque

photos : Sarah Miramon

coral / terracotta / Pink wedding scenography

C&C - Domaine de Ségur

Photos : Laetitia Pellegrino